Imlicit FrontEnd
Outlook Integration with SugarCRM & Salesforce

Access and Sync all SugarCRM Modules

Access and Sync all SugarCRM Modules

Full access and bi-directional sync of Outlook’s native items: contacts / leads, calendars and tasks, as well as all standard & custom CRM modules.

Create / Modify items such as: Accounts, Opportunities, Cases, Notes, Contracts etc. from within Outlook and have them automatically synced to your CRM and vice versa.

Custom Modules / Fields

Define and sync your own custom CRM modules / fields. Customization can be deployed corporate-wide by administrators or individually by users.

Activity-Based Sync

Sophisticated, patent-pending algorithms ensure that only the freshest and the most relevant data is synchronized.

Full Offline Support

All data that you create or modify in Outlook while being offline, will be automatically synced to your CRM upon re-connecting to the Internet.


Powerful Email Integration

Maintain complete inbound and outbound email archive of all customer correspondence. Set rules which emails should be automatically archived and schedule follow-ups upon sending emails.

Powerful Email Integration

Automatic Vs. Manual Email Archive

The convenience of automatic rule-based email archive based on contacts, accounts or leads, combined with the flexibility to manually archive emails to any CRM record.

Email Side-Pane

Instantly view key information upon receiving an email and take immediate actions such as create accounts / contacts / leads, schedule meetings, assign tasks or update opportunities.

Seamless Email Archive

To minimize any impact on user experience, FrontEnd utilizes a taskbar application that archives emails in the background, making the process seamless to users.

Archive Documents

Archive Documents

Utilizing a set of plug-ins for Office apps and Acrobat, FrontEnd allows you to archive documents to your CRM directly from within Word, Excel and Acrobat. You don’t need to upload documents anymore. Simply select the CRM record to archive the document to. The document will be automatically archived upon the next sync cycle.

Word / Excel / Acrobat

Archive proposals, quotes, contracts and other Office and PDF documents to your CRM right from within Word, Excel and Acrobat.

Desktop Documents

Archive any desktop document to your CRM simply by selecting "Send To" and specifying the record to associate the document with.

Search for Documents

When working inside Word / Excel, FrontEnd allows you to search and retrieve other Office documents that were archived in your CRM right form within the Office app.


Related Activities

Similar to your CRM native interface, FrontEnd allows you to view and access all data related to the record you are accessing in Outlook. For example, when viewing an account you have a access to all related records including opportunities, contacts, cases, notes, meetings, emails, documents etc.

Related Activities

Related Emails

The advantage of working in Outlook is that unlike in the CRM, you have access to the actual live email and not an archived copy so you can open and reply to it right from within the record.

Email Side-Pane Activities

Related activities are also shown on the email side-panel so upon receiving an email you have an instant view of all current account, contact or lead activities.

Follow Up Activities

Upon sending an email to a contact or a lead you can set up a follow up Outlook activity in the form of a meeting, call or task which goes directly into your Outlook and CRM calendars.