Salesforce and SugarCRM Outlook Integration

Continue using Outlook to
Communicate with your Clients.
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Salesforce and SugarCRM Outlook Integration

You spend your day in Outlook, communicating with your clients, scheduling meetings, responding to inquiries, sending quotes etc. Outlook is the source for most CRM data - So why should you have to keep switching between Outlook and your CRM? Why not use Outlook as the "FrontEnd"  to your CRM?

Implicit FrontEnd gives you full access to all CRM data and functionality from within Outlook and integrates CRM activities as a natural extension of your Outlook activities:

  • Create / update accounts, opportunities, cases, contacts, calendar, leads etc.
  • Sync all your standard and custom CRM modules for immediate access in Outlook
  • Sync only the freshest and most relevant CRM data
  • Instantly view the information you need, when you need it and take actions without leaving Outlook

Powerful Email Integration

Powerful Email Integration
  • Intelligent Email Side Panel - Instantly view CRM data upon receiving emails from customers and take immediate actions: create opportunities, update cases and schedule meetings
  • Set rules for auto archiving of emails to CRM records
  • Manually archive emails to specific opportunities, cases or any other CRM record
  • Create accounts, contacts & leads upon receiving emails
  • Set rules for archiving attachments based on type and size

Full Offline Support

Full Offline Support
  • Offline access to all CRM data that was previously synced with Outlook
  • Interact with CRM data exactly as you interact with Outlook in offline mode.
  • View, update or create new accounts, opportunities, cases, leads etc.
  • Archive incoming emails or send emails and have them automatically queued for CRM archival upon re-connecting
  • All changes are cached locally on your desktop and will be automatically synced upon re-connecting to the Internet

Web Browsers Integration - Access Outlook Functionality from your Web Browser

Web Browser
  • As you work with your CRM via the Web Browser - utilize Outlook to send emails, open and reply to archived emails via Outlook etc.
  • Utilize Outlook’s powerful calendaring functionality - check availability of colleagues, schedule conference rooms, send invites etc.
  • Select CRM records to automatically sync and open in Outlook
  • Single click to switch between viewing records in Outlook and Web browser and vice versa

Archive Documents directly from within Word, Excel & Acrobat

Powerful Email Integration
  • Archive proposals, quotes, contracts and other Office and PDF documents to your CRM right from within Word, Excel and Acrobat.
  • No need to upload documents. Simply select the CRM record to associate with and save. We’ll take care of the rest.
  • Archive any desktop document to your CRM simply by selecting "Send To Implicit FrontEnd"
  • Search and retrieve CRM documents from within Word/Excel