Send emails and schedule meetings with contacts & leads via Outlook
Open archived emails from CRM and reply to them from within Outlook
Email documents directly from within the CRM
Sync and open items in Outlook

Web Browser – Outlook Integration

Web Browser – Outlook Integration

This new patent-pending approach to CRM integration with Outlook, extends the integration to the Web browser. It provides users with access to Outlook functionality while they are interacting with the CRM via the browser. Users can send emails or schedule meetings with contacts, reply / forward CRM-archived emails and documents and sync to open CRM records in Outlook.

Archived Emails become Alive

Select a CRM-archived email and click to open , reply or forward it via Outlook even if the email was archived by another CRM user.

Sync & Open Items in Outlook

Select an account, opportunity, contact, lead or any standard / custom module in the CRM and click to open in Outlook. It will automatically be synced if hasn’t been synced already.

Emailing Documents Made Easy

Select a CRM-archived document and click to generate an Outlook email with the document attached.