What's New in FrontEnd 4

Email Side-Panel

Email Side-Panel
  • Completely redesigned email side-panel for easier access and quick actions
  • Higher visibility to key CRM data
  • Drag & Drop and One-Click email archive
  • Quick-Note related to any CRM record
  • Shortcuts menu for immediate access to frequently used functionality.
  • Social networking profile access
  • Easy switching between multiple email recipients
  • Snoozing emails to convert them into CRM action items
  • Single-Click switching back and forth between Outlook & CRM
  • Side Panel is fully configurable by admin / user

Tethered Mode

Tethered Mode

FrontEnd 4 supports a new tethered mode where CRM data is accessed and retrieved in real-time without the need to sync it first to Outlook.

  • In tethered mode, FrontEnd performs real-time searches for contacts on your CRM and retrieves the contacts' information and all their related records.
  • Particularly useful when you have a large amounts of contacts or if you prefer not to allow contacts sync with Outlook.
  • 'Sync on Demand' feature allows you to sync CRM contacts to Outlook upon first retrieval.
  • Mixed-mode support, where some CRM modules are synced to Outlook while other are accessed on the CRM.
  • Client-side caching to optimize performance

Email Conversation Archiving

Email Conversation Archiving
  • Archive all emails in a conversation thread to CRM record(s)
  • Create rule to archive all future emails in a selected conversation
  • Ability to be much more granular in auto-archiving emails to specific opportunities / cases (topic-based)
  • Automatically adjust destination CRM records based on a variable set of recipients per email

Email Archiving Engine

Rule-BasedEmail Archiving Engine
  • Create rules to process inbound and outbound emails and perform actions:
    • Archive emails to CRM
    • Convert emails into CRM action items
  • Rules based on: contacts, leads, accounts, email addresses, words/phrases, or email conversations
  • Automatically archive to related CRM records
  • Create rules to automatically convert emails from contacts or leads into action items
  • Automatically create new cases from emails, and archive emails to cases and opportunities' records
  • Destination records can be determined at run-time based on the specific emails or specified in the rule.
  • Shortcuts to create rules based on selected messages

Email Templates and Mail Merge

Email Templates and Mail Merge
  • Enforce unified email templates across teams
  • Utilize CRM Email templates directly from Outlook when composing / replying to customer's emails
  • Merge CRM data directly with templates
  • Automatically populates CRM data based on email recipients
  • File attachments automatically attached from CRM
  • Verify merged email before sending

CRM Action Items

CRM Action Items
  • Convert your customers' emails into action items
  • Never forget to respond to a customer's email again
  • Increase productivity by streamlining the process of responding to customers' emails.
  • Organize, prioritize and track responses to emails
  • Stay on top of important customer interactions by using 'My Radar'
  • Create your own custom action items lists, e.g.: web site leads, requests for quotes, support emails etc.

Centralized Administration and Configuration

Centralized Administration and Configuration
  • Single Sign On Using SMAL authentication / LDAP
  • All settings can be configured and managed centrally by admin and published per team
  • Dynamic re-configuration as needs change
  • Enforce corporate security policies which CRM modules can be created / modified via Outlook (in addition to native CRM permissions)
  • Manage users' FrontEnd licenses via access to licensing portal