Enterprise-Class Outlook Integration and Sales Productivity Tools

Unparalleled Depth and Breadth of Integration with Outlook

Increase your Sales Team's Productivity by Enabling
them to do their CRM Work from within Outlook

Unparalleled Depth and Breadth of Integration with Outlook

Do all your CRM Work from within Outlook

Access, update and create CRM records: contacts, accounts, opportunities, cases etc. Full synchronization of all standard and custom modules / fields. Continue to work in Outlook and synchronize your updates in the background with the CRM.

Sync only the freshest and most relevant CRM data.

Deploy different sync configurations to different teams.

Powerful Email Integration

Tight Integration with all Email activities in Outlook

Manual Email Archiving

Drag & drop to specific records or use advanced archive to multiple related records.

Rule-Based Email Archiving Engine

Create your own custom rules to automatically archive inbound and outbound emails.

Archive individual emails or complete conversation threads.

Email Templates and Mail Merge

Utilize CRM Email templates directly from Outlook when composing an email and merge with selected CRM records.

Superior Integration

Product ComparisonImplicit FrontEndSugarCRM PluginSuiteCRM Plugin
Sync Outlook Data with SugarCRM: Contacts, Calendars, Tasks
Create new CRM Records from Outlook Limited
Full Access to all CRM Data from within Outlook
Full Support for Custom Modules / Custom Fields
Email Side-Panel
Email Archiving
Rule-Based Auto-Email Archiving
Email Conversation Thread Archiving
Email Templates and Mail Merge
Centralized Team-based Administration and Configuration
Web Browsers Integration
Integrated Document Archiving from Word, Excel and Acrobat Separate
Sales Productivity tools
Full Offline Support (Tethered and Non-Tethered Modes)

FrontEnd vs SugarCRM Plugin
FrontEnd vs SuiteCRM Plugin

Sales Productivity Tools

Convert your customers' emails into CRM Action Items

CRM Action Items

Convert your customers' emails into CRM Action Items

You spend hours each day responding to emails from your customers and prospects. FrontEnd CRM action items significantly increases your productivity by helping you streamline and manage this process. It allows you to convert emails into action items that can be sorted, prioritized and tracked.

It also helps you stay on top of important customer interactions by adding them to 'My Radar'

Enterprise-Ready Integration

Centralized Deployment, Configuration and Administration


Single Sign On (SSO) using SMAL authentication
Enforce CRM module-level permissions for access & update via Outlook


FrontEnd allows administrators to create different configurations and dynamically publish them to CRM teams. Configuration sets include which modules to sync/show, email archiving rules, settings etc.


Centrally deployed via network

Watch Your Sales Productivity Soar

"Implicit enables us to function almost as if our CRM and Outlook are one system. It has made an immediate impact on our productivity and efficiency."

Alan Mock

Manager, Recordkeeping Services

"Many folks at my company won't ever login to the CRM website, but they live in Outlook all day long. Now, thanks to Implicit FrontEnd, critical client data finds its way "automagically" to where the company can leverage it's own information"

Steve Schultz

Construction Technical Trainer

"More than 50 % savings in time when there is no need to switch all the time between Outlook and SuiteCRM. FrontEnd Outlook plugin works well and the company has great support as well."

Esko Kemiläinen


"The connectivity and synergy between SugarCRM and Implicit FrontEnd is about as good as one could ask for... If you're a company using SugarCRM, FrontEnd is an absolute must-have...10/10 customer service."

Freddy Jreisat

Travel Account Manager

Windows, Mac, Office 365 and Mobile devices

Multiple Platform Support

  • SugarCRM, Sugar CE and SuiteCRM
  • Exchange 2013-2016 and Office 365
  • Outlook 2016 for Mac
  • Outlook Web App on Windows & Mac
  • iOS and Android mobile devices